The Park of Love

You're pamätyou, where did you get your hand? Under the Eiffel Tower he was blowing a faint Christmas and you, with the angry heart of Kľačali before Svojou Milou and in Ruke sa trbietal prsteň. Surprise you with the law of the wife, and our paintings on the canvas urobia about it väčšiu radosť that you have been in the interest of your svadby. At the time of the evening dominating the city, you always squeeze the palm of your wife.
You will breathe in the SA
And again and again you will survive one of the beautiful deň under the ocean a of Franconian. Where on the Champs-Élysée Ste SA romantically hike to each other so happy in love. Jar was fragrant with early coffee from innumerable bistier and Kaviarničiek. Paintings on the screen will take you in the moment of Prenesú for Túto, Podľa Viaceri, Najkrajšiu Ulicu in the world!