Obľúbfried Massif and laminated

The wardrobe of the skriňa should be made even if it is produced in a safe and environmentally friendly material. A strike on the octave of the quality of the plan dressing room from the massif (Borovica, Beech, Smrek), the lead surface is cheated with a Bezfarebna Lakom, which is protected by mechanical damage. The cheaper and most sophisticated Materiálom pre-production of furniture is now laminated, well laminated Drevotriesková Doska LTD. The manufacture of melamic biting and decorative papiera on hornú and Dolnú area Drevotrieskové Dosky (produce SA v rôznych hrúbkach) and Then pressed.
Combinácia Wood and Laminate
Nábytok Ako is the Deska skriňa on clothes is made of laminate and it is possible to fillet it in hundreds of wild Odtieňov and in Dekoroch Dreva. It has the advantage of being resistant to the oether, short-term moisture and chemicals. It is possible to wash the nábytok regularly and keep it clean, without damaging the akokoľvek. Lamino Dosky majú edges protected by papier, or quality plastic ABS edges. Often sa môžeme stretnúť with furniture, the Kant is made in Combinácii Masívneho wood and laminate.