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How Shiptheory Operates

Nothing is more important in the business compared to business management. Any business requires a good time management in order for it to move forward. Time management is applicable to all levels, this includes the apps that you use to run your business with Installing time saving software application is a very good away to ensure that there is time management in the business organization. One of this apps that you may go ahead and installing a software called the shiptheory software. This app allows you as a retailer to give it orders on how it should book orders automatically. These rules enables it to print out labels without intervention. Some information about the shiptheory is contained in this document down below.

This software has some feature that enables them to carry out the tracking order process. It is very difficult to track orders from the customers. This id because there are very many orders coming in. It is required to identify where the orders are coming from and by which method for them to be recorded. This application will do all this work instead of you. It tracks orders from the BigCommerce and in turn it trucks down the number to the customer who placed the order. This helps on minimizing on time.

All your printers will be connected to this software automatically. The owner has the task of setting the shiptheory by giving it a set of rules. When you have set up the rules, the software will do all the work by first connecting to all the printers, the process is automatic. The software application will connect to the printer even without you having to login to the other printers. The fulfillment process will be done automatically inside the BigCommerce as the shopping labels will always print out by itself.

There will be an automatic process in the carrier management. You will be able to utilize this feature if you set the right rules that will govern the process. The orders from the customers will then be received by the shiptheory. When the platform is created between the app and the carries will lead to what is called the carrier certified shipping labels. All this swill only happen when you gave the application correct rules. This prices also helps you to have some extra time for you to do other critical things and let the software take care of this work.

This software application has hands and support from with the leading carrier around the world. This is because the application enables for smooth shipping of order from the customers who are everywhere in the world. This application gives correct details from the customers. It enables you to track an order from its point of origin. In addition, it gives you a chance to see the customers specifications and the method required for sipping process.
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