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Advantages of a Stun Baton for Self Defense

It is essential for you to make sure that you can provide security for yourself especially if you are in a place where you are not safe. You need to have a stun baton when you are visiting places that there are high chances of being attacked. There are many good things with the stun baton as a mean of protection which will be hard to get with other weapons. When you are looking for a weapon that you can protect yourself without creating attention then you need to try stun baton. If you don’t know reason why you should get a stun baton then you need to get to know them. The following are some of the benefits of using stun baton for self defense.

One of the benefits of a stun baton is that you don’t have to go for training to learn on how to use it. In that case it is better and it will save your time and money since you will not have to hire a teacher to show you how to use it. If you have never used a weapon like a hand gun you will need to go for training to learn on how to use it for personal defense. For that matter stun gun is more beneficial because you will be your own teacher and you don’t have to hire anyone to show you how it works.

The other reason why you should get a stun baton for your self defense is that it is light and small in size. The stun baton does not have a weight that will make you feel tired because of carrying it and you can use it without creating any noise. It is one of the best ways for self defense because you can use it without the one attacking you getting to know about your weapon. You will also not have to take a long time before you use it on you attacker because you only need to press a button.
You will not be needed to get legal authority to own the stun baton or to use it unlike other forms of weapons.

Other weapon that you can use for self defense needs you to take a license for it because you cannot have it without the government knowing. No one requires you to take a license for the stun baton and it is free for anyone to use if they feel insecure. When you are buying for a defense weapon then you should go for a stun baton because you will not have to use it any at some specific place or even get a legal permit to use it. Stun gun is legal to be used by anyone and at any place and it is among few weapons that you don’t need any permit to have it.
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